Website Setup

What is included and what you will need to provide:

[Basic Design]
Home page with header and footer. We will add your home page content as well if you provide it for us in a written form.
Social media links to your already created accounts.
About us page, Please provide us with any content you would like on this page.
Two agent profiles where you provide us with the agent's bio and we will add it as well as their photo if you wish. Please make sure the photo is 1080x1080. Will also show their listings if they have any
IDX Search form
Blog Section where you can create categories if you like.
Footer where you can add your logos and other resources. We will install your company logo for you.

Some of our more advanced designs have blocks that can represent areas or schools. Here you will provide us with the links and the names of the blocks. If you wish we can build these for you but there is an additional cost for creating the content and links.

[Header Images]
Please make sure to acquire your images in a legal manner. You don’t want this to come back to you down the road. Image and video suggested sizes; 1920x1080 / Videos 1080p.
The best way to send us the images is to upload them to a dropbox folder and share the folder with us. If you are not accustomed to dropbox, you can email each image to

Some of our layouts have a sidebar. The content and links for this we will need you to provide content for. If you wish to hire us to create the content for this, we can do this but it is not included in the setup. Every site is different because every agent targets different areas with different content.

[3rd PARTY]
Nowadays, websites need 3rd party tools like Google Maps and Google Analytics. These tools are needed for your Maps on your website to work and to track traffic to your site based on keywords.

There are two ways this can be done. You can set up a Google Business account, which you should really have, then set up a project and billing then Google will gift you $200/mo, currently what they are giving, towards your Google maps key. This is more than enough to cover 99.9% of sites traffic.
The other way is you have us use our common Google project to create your map key. The issue is that if we do it, we are not given the $200/mo credit and it ends up costing you an additional $40.00/mo. Below you will find the links to Google to set up this up. This has to be done by you as you will have to accept their terms and we can’t accept them for you.

Once you have the API key for your Google maps, you can send it to us and we can add it to your site. I know this is a lot to do but it does save you a lot of money in the long run and you will want A Google Business account anyway for many things down the road that helps with ranking, indexing, and tracking.

Our system does support a number of 3rd party tools. A few of them are very important and you should take a moment to add these to your site. A full list of them you can find in our [Knowledge base](

Must setup. Please note we can set up some of these for you but as they require terms of use to be agreed upon, it is more beneficial than you do this if possible. We can help guide you over the phone if needed.

1. [Google Maps](, You want to do this because if you do it, Google gives you a certain amount of credits per month free. If we do it, they won't give you the free credits.
2. [ADA Accessibility](
3. [DMCA Notice](
4. [Privacy Policy](
5. [Google Analytics](

We also support Zapier, If you want to sync your leads from our system to something like Constant contact. [More Info Here!](
Primary Contact Information
Website Type
Billing Contact Information
General Information
The website's URL as it will be viewed by the public.

The primary email address for leads and form submissions from your website.

The company, agent, team or brokerage firm name as it will be viewed by the public.
Phone Numbers
Phone numbers (office, cell, fax, etc.) as it will be viewed on your website.

Physical Location
Design Information
All templates can be customized. To see design examples go to

Please share logo URLs from either Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc. You can also upload them to your assigned ticket or by email to

Logos should be in either of the recommended formats .svg, .ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf, .png. Read more at logo-format-recommendations-for-web
Color Scheme
Before you submit colors in hexadecimal format, please verify them here:
Share a URL to your images or videos that you would like displayed on your site from either Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc. You can also upload them to your assigned ticket or by email to

Recommended Sizes: Images 1920x1080 / Videos 1080p. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

Please note that any header/video images used to demo a theme are not included in the design. You will want to supply your "Own" images or purchase them. Please do not take any off the internet that you do not own. You can purchase them at the following places: (There are many other sites as well but these are the reputable ones we suggest looking at first.)

Paid License - Shutterstock, iStockphoto, VideohiveGetty Images
Free License - Unsplash, Everypixel, Visual Hunt, Pexels
Social Media
Do you wish to display links to your social media on your website? If so, please provide us with the links to each of your social media accounts.

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