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Posted By: Mark Fitzgerald In: Development
Date: Fri, Feb 19th 2010 5:14 pm

After our holiday upgrade, we had a few of our clients put in suggestions. Some of these suggestions were complicated but we hope to have them out in the very near future. Some were a bit less complicated and we have included them in this release. There will be another release with our advance broker system coming out in a couple weeks and yes, it is included, as are all of our features. Below is a list of the features in this release. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. We are here to make your web experience as easy as possible!

- Blog Tags
- Added Tagcloud snippet {{tagcloud}} to be used within layouts/elements.
- Added Blog Archives snippet {{blog_archives}} to be used within layouts/elements.
- Threaded comments on blog
- Meta Keywords/Description for individual blog posts
- Added Tweetmeme functions to individual pages. Must be enabled on a page by page basis.
- Improved some emails sent to agent/broker to include listing view history and search history
- Improved code in menu builder to show "parent" pages instead of all pages being grouped.
- Fixed a long standing bug in file manager that would not display files in folders in some circumstances, even though files existed in the folder.